Thursday, September 1, 2011

National Sewing Month begins TODAY!

I am so excited that National Sewing Month has began, it was just two short years ago I took up sewing again, since learning at middleschool.

I've always been surrounded by talented sewers, one in particular, My Aunt Rosemary. Who I would have to say is responsible for my love of the high end sewing things. I still remember hearing about her first embroidery machine, and whenever I look for sewing notions I always look first for the ones I know she has. Inspiration comes from everywhere, and I'm happy to say on my sewing journey I've met more than just a few good friends!

I've got so many sewing projects planned, and I'm really excited to say that I have more than a few sewing videos planned to help celebrate the month!

Here's the first one, and it's all thanks to my good friend, Faye!

So much has gone on! I'm excited to have some first hand footage of my experience with Hurricane Katrina, which I will say, luckily just barely brushed us.

Figuring out how to make those applique's with my Cricut and the Futura wasn't as easy as I had initally thought. I spent a good portion of this morning trying, unsuccessfully, different methods of making appliques. I also have another applique video planned using my Designer Ruby as the star, and hopefully I'll be filming that in the very next few days! Until then Happy Sewing! Maybe I'll see you at Joanns!!

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