Monday, May 23, 2011

Not enough hours in a day, or days in a week!

Yes this past week has been very hectic, but also very satisfying. I'm running full gear ahead, helping out one of my friends with her wedding. Now of course, we came up with grand ideas that in order to stay under budget we need to make ourselves, so I apologize for the infrequency of my posting lately! Not to fear, I will be flooding this blog with all sorts of pictures and things to keep you all in the know.

I have been sewing up a storm lately, and am so glad that my Designer Ruby is able to sew things up beautifully and FAST! 1,100 stitches a minute is what I think I heard Ruby sews. Compared to the usual 600 stitches a minute most home sewing machines do, I'm sewing twice as fast as usual and still find that I could even go for a machine that sews faster!

Right in the middle it was decided to do a surprise dinner party/bachelor/bachelorette party. A Maple glazed Salmon dinner for twelve. Now I did break a cardinal entertaining rule, I tried not just one but two new dishes for this little get together, and am lucky they were both successes! I made Quinoa for the first time, and believe it or not, Salmon! I pulled the best of all my serveware for the event, and even dared to bring out my treasured Wedgwood Cream soup bowls. Luckily I have been collecting: dishes, flatware, linens, and serveware since I was 16 and the time finally came where it all paid off. Whilst the preparations for the day lasted since early in the morning the actual "dining" part took all of about an hour. Even so, it was my first official dinner type party and I hope that I can track down some pictures to show you! I was so busy running around, I forgot to take a picture, but here's an idea of how my events and buffets go. I did this little number for the opening of Adorment, a fine jewelry store in Newport, RI. Definitely want to thank my friend Nick O'Brien for snapping this picture!

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  1. Hi, I noticed you have the viking ruby. I was wondering what kind of program you used to do the digitizing? I've had the machine for a month now was told the 5D program that came with it as a free gift would do it. Not sure if that is true have not been able to figure it out. Thanks so much in advance.