Thursday, May 12, 2011

The one worded txt message...

Ahh yes one of my pet peeves. The one worded text message reply. I absolutely hate them, and research has shown that one worded text messages are subliminally agressive. When I get a one worded text message, I don't reply. Which is actually where the psychology comes in. The one worded text is meant to give information and also let the person on the receiving end know, that a reply to the message is not wanted or needed. There's a few people in my family notorious for sending out these message of "joy". I recently decided to put my frustrations into a comic form and hopefully the message translates well.

Do you see the anger? Do you see the frustration!!

I created some embroidery files with these cartoons and I hope to be able to put them on tote bags for my etsy store. Until then hope you enjoy the cartoon!

Funny enough, due to personal inspiration I was able to draw more than one image for the last frame, I can't really decide which one I like more. The one above is the one I drew in succession with all the other ones. About two minutes after I finished all those, I drew this last one as an alternative. Which one do you like more?


  1. 1 word text responses are my pet peeve too. I could text my husband about something major and his response is usually "OK". Great cartoon- you've captured my feelings exactly.