Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thinking about Christmas again!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, mostly in part because you get to go through Halloween and Thanksgiving to get to it! I love the months leading up to Christmas, it's always exciting for me to think of my annual Christmas trip home to Huntertown, Indiana and seeing my family.

Today I'm trying to figure out some ideas for my Christmas tree, I like switching it up a little bit every year. Last years Wedgwood Christmas tree was alright, but it could have used some more Wedgwood ornaments to really make the tree more lavish and pretty. I know some year in the future I will re-visit the Wedgwood Christmas tree, so I am still actively collecting the ornaments, and I love that right now they're all on sale! It's true I get weak in the knees for those four letters, all printed in red, and reducing the price of whatever it is, that's caught my fancy. My sister says I'm like a little bird, who likes shiny things.

But another project I am actively working on, are my Velvet Christmas stockings. I want to make customized stockings for everyone in my family this Christmas. I've already done a lot of trial and error with sewing and embroidering on Velvet. Embroidering on Velvet actually became the topic of one of my videos recently.

So much to think about and even though it's August I feel like Christmas is right around the corner! I hope I get all my stockings done!!

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