Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well here it is, the official letter sent out by American Girl announcing Kirsten's retirement. Less than one year after the announcement of Samantha's retirement.

Looks like Kirsten's newer baking outfit will go quickly, as well as her Holiday treats.

It only leaves me to wonder, who will take her place? After Samantha Parkington was archived, Rebecca Rubin was introduced in January. Already Rebecca has led many to believe that with the new characters even more of the quality that American Girl customers used to love will be things of the past. For example, Rebecca's wig cap is much discussed in the collecting circles as it is significantly thinner than most of the other dolls wigs. It's difficult to pull it into a pony tail as the hair towards the nape of the neck really shows the makings of her wig.

Just disappointing, is all that it really is. Half of the fun of being an adult who had the American Girls collection as a child would be, the ability to buy your children the exact same cherished toy that you had so known and loved. Even though Rebecca Rubin is cute, and she does have an interesting collection I cannot say that I don't have a bit of resentment for her taking Samantha's place... well at least trying to take Samantha's place. I only wonder. Next year if they do retire Molly, what will there be for me to do at the AG Place store?

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