Monday, September 28, 2009

The beginnings of a new blog with news of the end of a beloved character. It's been speculated about which of the original three dolls would be next to be retired. Last year it was Samantha, this year it seems will be Kirsten's turn.

I discovered the sad news whilst on my daily web-browsing of the American Girls website. There it was, the heart mark of death, with the words "Soon, we'll say farewell..." I already knew what it meant.

After living through last years retirement of Samantha I already knew what I should do. Get the accessories. What little that you can. It's no secret that Kirsten's accessories have been shamelessly retired. Still it's important to know that last year the Samantha doll was backordered three times by Mattel before truly becoming unavailable. The accessories were backordered once, if not just let to be sold out. Leaving people like myself to places like eBay, where accessories regularly sell for double what you might have paid retail for.
Kirsten will probably be available through just before January, though her accessories will surely sell out in the coming month or two. While the news of this is still fresh it inevitably makes me wonder, when is it Molly's turn?

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