Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just My luck.

Since the news of Kirsten's retirement broke I decided to go into the vault and take a look at the girls. Currently they're all in a back closet where I keep dishes and other kitchen things I'm not using.

Well I was looking at one of the white bodied Samantha's when a rogue asparagus steamer fell from the shelf onto the floor. What I didn't notice at the time was that the steamer had first hit an American Girl box on its way to the floor.

What kind of box? A rare box, one of the red boxes that the dolls originally came in. Currently I only have two. One was perfect until today. The discovery was sudden, and shocking. I had heard the steamer fall, but it wasn't until I was putting Samantha back that I noticed a bit of a mint condition Kirsten peaking out through the newly formed rip in the box. Disbelief came, followed by intense anger and a slew of expletives that surely woke all of the American Girl dolls sleeping in their boxes. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. How could an asparagus steamer do this kind of damage, and of all the places and things to hit on its way down. Of course it would hit the perfect mint condition white bodied Kirsten with an almost perfect box to match. Luckily Kirsten was unharmed, but her box is ruined. I'm sure I'll never forget how it happened either.


  1. asparagus steamers should be more careful

  2. i love this picture of Kirsten
    but where will she go?