Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Lace Ornaments

It's been so long! The Christmas Holidays are keeping everyone, including me, so busy!! Here's a quick tutorial for some fun Free Standing Lace ornaments.

Glittered Free Standing Lace Christmas Ornaments are fun and easy to make. For the most part you let the embroidery machine do all the work. Then, you just rinse away the stabilizer and glitter!

To begin with, take the Husqvarna Viking Christmas Lace, embroidery design pack and choose any of the designs. I stuck with the snowflakes for my tree, but there’s many different designs in the collection. Choose the correct sized hoop for your design and you’re ready for the stabilizer.

Water Soluble stabilizer is the best choice for these designs, I chose two. One very heavy weight Inspira Dissolve-A-Way Max layer, and another Inspira Aqua Magic. Hoop these two together and make sure that it’s a nice tight taught hooping.

If you have the option, lower your embroidery speed to about half of what you would normally embroider at. Metallic threads are a special kind of thread and require extra care. For the bobbin, wind it with matching metallic thread, at a lower speed than you would normally wind your bobbin at, if you have that option.

Stitch out the design, and rinse away the stabilizer, warm water does a better job of rinsing away the stabilizer than cold. Once you’ve rinsed all the stabilizer away, put the ornaments on a wire rack to dry out flat overnight

The next day, take some clear permanent adhesive spray, and spray a light coating of glue on the top of your ornament. Glitter with your desired glitter, I chose Martha Stewart White Gold Glitter, and let sit to dry for a few minutes. Shake away any excess glitter and hang on your tree!

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  1. I discovered you on youtube and am new to your blog. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your talent.